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MAC Member Toolshed

MAC owns a collection of tools and literature, primarily unique to Corvette restoration and repair, for use by MAC members.  Generally these are special use tools needed one time during a restoration / repair project.  If you have any suggestions for other unique tools that would make it possible to do your restoration task yourself, let me know and I can present your suggestion to the Board of Directors.


Engine Stand - 2ea Engine stand.jpg California Screamin' NCRS Racing DV
NCRS Judging DVD.gif
Hydraulic Engine Crane & Tilter - 2 ea
Hydrolic Engine crane.jpg
NCRS Training 5 DVD Set (Judging 101, Ops, Matrix Training, Ref Manual, Paint & Fiberglass)
NCRS Judging DVD.gif
C1/C2 Body Lifting Jig -    2 ea
Coil Spring Compressor
2009 02 16 002.jpg
Solid Axle Rebound Strap Riveting Tool
2009 02 16 003.jpg
Mid-Year Trailing Arm Tools
2009 02 16 004.jpg
Solid Axle Rear Spring Banding Tool
2009 02 16 007.jpg
Stamp Kits - "GM ", "16 CT", "06A CG"
2009 02 16 006.jpg
Engine Start-Up "Dash Board" Box
2009 02 16 008.jpg


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